Dance Building

History of the Dance Building

Forty years ago Mrs. Rold started her dance studio at 1330 Webford Avenue in Des Plaines, IL. After teaching students through her lifetime, she retired in her 80’s. The Dance goes on, but in new forms of expression. Expanding on the rich tradition, the Dance Building provides seminars and counseling services to assist you in discovering and fine tuning your…

Dance of Life!


Counseling Center

Each of us has a rhythm that defines our own unique way of living. When we are in step with ourselves, we feel, behave and look our best. Often times through the stress, changes and situations that life brings us, we lose our rhythm and get out of step.

Many of us have the feeling of not being ale to be our best and are seeking ways to balance with the music around us. There is a harmony and synchronization we all search for on some level. How we regain or obtain that is a matter of knowledge and choice.

We use the metaphor of the Dance because it captures the spirit and scope of our intent. Whether you are in or out of step in your personal dance, we offer information and connections to professionals that can assist you.


The rhythmic unfolding of the Dance can guide you to the soul where the truth resides. We provide a safe non-judgmental environment for you to discover and experience your own Dance of Life.