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Our Mission

As we administer support, care, and guidance we respect our clients’ rights to confidentiality. We realize that human beings are comprised of mind body and spirit: and that recovery must take place on all three levels.

The Relapse Phenomena

Relapse can occur at any time during recovery, and is the most misunderstood phenomena concept in the addictions environment.

Today, most addictions counselors realize that relapse must be considered a part of the addiction framework. Although addicts and family members are terrified of the thought of relapse, they need to know and understand the realities of relapse. Though relapse is not a criterion for recovery, it has been proven through research that many addicts have and will relapse.

There are certain recognizable signs before a relapse that must be brought to the surface. Relapse does not begin with the act itself. Relapse takes place first in the mind of the addict. Relapse begins with the thought, which precedes the act. Many addicts may not relapse on their drug of choice, but will substitute other mood altering substances. The alcoholic, for example, will switch to marijuana. Or the cocaine addict will rationalize that a beer or two will not hurt me or count as a relapse. The end result is the same pattern of self destructive behavior.

At Relapse Prevention Counseling Center, Inc. clients are educated to explore alternatives that will help them combat the actual thoughts that may lead to relapse.